Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Poetry Prompts: Writers Fully Writing

We are at the halfway mark for OctPoWriMo and it is that time when we take a look at how we feel about where we are in our writing - poetry - where we've been, and where we want to take it.

When I was thinking about halfway I found myself thinking about love and like the quote I created for the meme - there really isn't any way for love to be a halfway measure - you either love with all your heart, or the love isn't really there. Regardless of whether that love is for yourself or for someone else, you just can't do it halfway.

As in love, there are no halfway measures in writing, you're either writing or you're not.

Poetry Prompts: 

What comes to mind for you when you hear the word halfway? Are you a half empty or half full kind of person? Do you look at half the month gone with regrets or excitement for what is yet to be written? Do you believe love is an all or nothing, or do you believe that you can love halfway? Free write for ten minutes about what halfway means to you or any of the previous questions.

Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Word Prompts:


Feeling Words:


Suggested Poetry Type from Shadow Poetry: Diatelle 

So how ARE you doing?

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  1. I haven't written a poem everyday AND I have focused on poetry every day. One of my intentions with OctPoWriMo this time around was to focus on improvement of my skill as a poet. For me that includes more rough drafts, more reading poetry of poetry books (blogs too, yes, but compilations featuring a variety of poets has been my favorite.) I have found I have written some poems this time around I am very proud to have written. This is an excellent thing! Thank you to everyone involved here this year. Exceptional goodies.

    1. I'm glad you are doing what is right and perfect for you and your poetry process. Happy to hear your proud of the progress you are making with your poetry this month. Yes, we do have some exceptional goodies this year.

      I haven't written a poem everyday but I am writing poetry for both my blog and offline. As usual I have a lot going on both online and off and feeling a wee bit overwhelmed. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

      Peace to you.

  2. Reading all the responses is inspiring me to continue writing in response to the prompt. I didn't answer it on my blog but maybe one day I'll share it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Fifi, glad you are gaining so much inspiration from others writing today. Peace to you.

  3. My exercise is to share something unpublished everyday, no matter if I think it's finished or good or whatever. To show up and share, and to read lots of what the others write and comment if I have inspiration/energy or both. It's poetry immersion for me, this month.

    1. Ah yes Angela, poetry immersion can be quite powerful, glad to hear. Peace to you.

  4. I have written something in response to the prompt, I'm not quite sure it is poetry, and I'm not sure I can link it here (it's definitely NSFW)... I'll post on my blog, but I'll wait for you to let me know how you wnat me to proceed with this :-)

    1. Thanks for checking in with us. Yes it is poetry and yes you can link up in the linky above. All that we ask is that you put Adult Content next to your name in the link.

      Peace to you.

    2. Alright, I'll do that then :-)
      Thank you.