Saturday, October 18, 2014

Poetry Prompts - Getting Creative

Image by Morgan Dragonwillow
I love getting creative with words. Yesterday Amy talked about finding words from magazines and possibly collaging poetry and I'm following a similar vein today. 

I'm sure most of you have heard of black out or found poetry, how you take a page from a book and choose words from all over the page to create a poem. You then circle the words and black out everything else.  

I have a hard time blacking out real books regardless of whether or not they are old and useless (not that I think any book is old and useless) and here are a couple of techniques I use instead.

Last year Julie talked about found poetry and I couldn't wrap my head around it until I came up with this method. I decided to take a picture of a page from one of my favorite books and play with it in my paint program and I came up with this poem. 

Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

It was a lot of fun going through the page, finding the words I could use, and circling them. The butterflies I added just to be playful. If you can't read the poem here you can read it on my blog.

This year I wanted to post some black out poetry on Instagram and I wanted it to actually look like black out poetry. I have poetry magnets. I pulled out a dark washcloth. I chose a few words and came up with this.

Image by Morgan Dragonwillow
Of course it isn't the traditional way of finding words but it was fun to play with the words and find a creative way to display them.

That of course is the whole point, play with your words, whether they stream from the ether or you find them in other places, have fun!

Poetry Prompts:

Choose a page from one of your books and take a photo of it, email it to yourself, choose some of the words and create a poem out of them. You can print out the page to play with it or just keep it on your computer and play with it in your photo editing program. 

And of course these are only suggestions, here are some more.

Word Prompts:


Feeling Words:


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  1. I can understand you having fun with this, but I don't have the energy to go searching in someone else's words. I have plenty of words in my head and in numerous dictionaries, to be going on with! That said, I really appreciate all the effort you put into coming up with these prompts. Thank you.

    1. No worries Viv, as always the prompts are suggestions for those that are needing inspiration for their words. Feel free to write whatever you feel inspired to write about. =)

  2. I like what you did with the butterflies, that looks very cool. I'm not artistic enough to come up with something like that, also I don't have Photoshop and if I did, it would probably only frustrate me. I did come up with my own version, though. It doesn't look as pretty as yours, but it gets the job done, I think!

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    2. Thank you Seth, you played with your words and got creative with it which is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. The form was more difficult than I had expected. I'm glad I gave it a try though. Thanks for providing the prompts in so many different ways and forms!