Friday, October 19, 2012

Poetry Writing Prompt: Seize the Day! Carpe Diem! Si, Se Puede!

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“Carpe Diem!” is the call in Latin. “Seize the day!” is the translation into English. As a Californian I like adding “Si, se puede!” 
Let’s take a moment to think, together, of moments when we did exactly that – we seized the day. We lived that moment so intensely our present time and our sense of connectedness with everyone  and everything was paramount.

There was only that which was in front of us, like this post and the possibility of writing a poem on this theme is the only thing that exists for you. Right Now. 

I think about when I am teaching or facilitating and the whole world disappears as the students and I collectively bungee jump into creativity.

I consider moments on stage where I completely disappear into the void, like allowing myself to be taken over by another spirit – exhilarating, scary… life changing.

I hold my hand open and think about poetry performance. Next to flood my mind is the poetry fire we created at one event I hosted.

I smile remembering times laughing with my children or sitting under the stars or making love or crying harder than I ever knew I could.

Poetry Writing Prompt: What is it for you?

What was that moment or moments you remember?

Two decades ago? Yesterday? Last week? Is it a dream for tomorrow? Any way – it is your perfectly right way.

Today we will write of “Seizing the Day” – saying “Carpe Diem”  or “Si, Se Puede.”

Word Prompt: YES! (and the above words).

Sentence Starters: In that moment, I….

I finally understood, personally, what Carpe Diem meant….

And for your final inspiration, one of my favorite movies and a scene where the students were first challenged to Seize the Day… and there is even some Whitman and a Byron joke thrown in for good measure. If you ever want me to laugh, put Lord Byron into a sentence and I will howl. Seriously!

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