Monday, October 29, 2012

Poetry Prompt Day 29 - Who Are You REALLY

As I thought about this poetry prompt and all that has come before, I wondered how much of yourself you have put onto the page and if you know yourself better than when we began.

Has your poetry taken you to unexpected places?

Have the words that flowed through you surprised you in some way?

I found this video of Sarah Jones performing her eight characters for TED and it had me thinking about who you are, who I am, and who we are really-really deep inside.

From that place deep inside...

Poetry Prompt: Describe yourself as if you were someone else looking in, what would they see. Describe your mannerisms, your inflections, your idiosyncrasies. Tell us who you are as if you were on the outside looking in. Now describe how you would be if you were truly yourself, if you didn't worry about what others would think, how you would behave differently if you weren't defined by your environment. Feel into these two people that are you. Share with us what you choose.

Word Prompt: Individual

Sentence Starters:

If I were to be me...

If you were to ask my friends...

If you were to ask my family...

I know I haven't been around much the last few days, I am in the midst of a major change in my life; we are moving from a house to a townhouse. I will definitely be one of the ones scrambling to play catch up and hoping to get all of the rest of my poems done before November 7th. Yes I said November 7th. For anyone that hasn't been to the Facebook page, Writing Poetry Group, and read that I have extended all of the links, from October 8th through to the end of October, out to November 7th. That will give everyone that is behind an extra week to catch up if they want to.

Please visit the other participants and share word love in the comments, Tweet with hashtag #OctPoWriMo and share in the Writing Poetry Group on Facebook. I hope you choose to answer the questions posed above-in our comment section. I am very curious what your answers might be.

Peace to you,

Thank you for sharing and recommending before you leave.

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