Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Poetry Prompt Day 16 - Which Side Are You On

I am having a rough couple of days and I came across this video that I immediately wanted to use for this poetry prompt. The video itself is a song by Natalie Merchant, Which Side Are You On which I believe is about coal miners.  I hope it stirs your imagination the way that it did mine and has you writing pages of poetry.

Poetry Prompt: Think of a time that you were stuck in the middle, between issues. Actually there is a lot of that going on now with politics heating up as we move toward the November elections. Most people feel strongly and of course they think their side is the right side and the other side is the wrong side. In such a tug of war no one wins. This video made me think of that but it also made me think of so much more. Make a list of things you have felt caught in the middle of and pick one. Write for ten minutes then see if there is anything within it that you want to share.

Word Prompt: Hands

Sentence Starters:

My Grandfather’s hands…

Torn between two sides…

Hands old before their time…

I hope your days are filled with love and wonder. Please visit the other poets as they open veins and bleed onto the page. Or at least it feels that way sometimes.

Much Love and Peace to You,

Thanks for sharing before you leave.


  1. This was another very painful poem for me. I chose a subject that can be very controversial but my views on the issue are not political, but very personal.

    1. Thank you for your courage in speaking your truth. Peace to you.