Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OctPoWriMo Poetry Prompt 31 - Infinity

It has been an interesting journey and I am very happy to announce that quite a few of you diligently wrote a poem every day. There has been a wide range of types as well as where you chose to display your poems. We have several participants that have tweeted micro poetry on Twitter, there are those that chose to display it on Facebook, and there have been those that blogged their poetry. Whether large or small, on the computer or off, all of us have traveled together diving into poetry, playing with words and hopefully we are all the better for it.

From Morgan:  When Julie and I discussed how we wanted OctPoWriMo to come to a close she brought up the infinity symbol. She said that we don't have to see this as an ending. I then saw it as a continuing cycle; fluid in our learning and growing. We are ever changing and though OctPoWriMo won't be creating prompts daily we all are still floating around this vast universe called the internet.

We will still have the Writing Poetry Group that I plan to peek into often to discuss poetry and throwing in a prompt now and then. I hope you will share what you are doing as I plan to share what I am working on as well.

For those that are interested, on Fridays I will be posting a weekly poetry prompt and link up on my website If you feel the urge to write poetry and would like inspiration, hop on by.

So you see this isn't an ending. This is, "I will see you soon."

Federico Fellini said, “There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only infinite passion.” 

From Julie:  In my mind’s eye I see the infinity symbol as a three dimensional magnet, inviting me inside.  I can feel myself skating along the infinity symbol, hair blowing, sun on my face. I can become connected with the infinite there and everything and everyone else, from this point of creation, from the place where words are born and poetry is formed.

There has been poetry since the beginning and it will continue just as we will continue. It won’t be exactly the same necessarily, but these people and their words will continue to flow into and out of your consciousness.

You may meet your poetry friends, there, skating along the infinity symbol. Take their hands and together silently recall the love, the passion, the caring, the heartbreak and the healing that comes from writing poetry together as we have done.

Poetry Prompt: You can choose to share your experiences in free writing or verse of this past month. Write for ten minutes regarding the ups and downs, the ins and outs of writing poetry daily. You can share a window into your new friendships from this group. 

Word Prompt: Infinity

Sentence Starters: 

When I come around the bend I will see you again...

Circling through I discovered...

I walked along...

I want to thank you for taking this journey, this adventure into poetry with us and we look forward to reading what you write next. Remember to come back and share your link, tweet with the hashtag #OctPoWriMo and/or share on the Facebook Writing Poetry Group.

You have until November 7th to catch up on any poems you would like to finish and link up.

Peace to you,

Please share and leave a comment before you go.


  1. Thank you for organizing all the prompts for Octpowrimo. Many were inspiring, and many were extremely challenging! I'm glad I saw it through.

  2. Congratulations to you Viv for staying with it to the very end! I hope you decide to join us again next year and if you are needing a little inspiration, hop on over to my blog on Fridays for a weekly poetry prompt.

    Peace to you,