Friday, October 5, 2012

Writing Poetry Prompt #5: Permission to Be Exactly As You Are Right Now

I have felt this question rumbling amongst some of you #OctPoWriMoers – “What if I get sick and miss a day?” and “What if I lose track of time and don’t get anything written?” and “Oops! I was talking to Uncle Orrin and completely forgot about my poetry writing for the day!

“Do I just quit, drop out, write two poems on another day?”

It’s been said on the Writing Poetry Group on facebook there ARE no OctPoWriMo police. We’re all busy encouraging and writing ourselves, who has time to check up and twitch a finger in any poet’s face.

Now, if you would enjoy writing while sick, that’s a different story.

When I was coming off my anesthesia a couple weeks ago I probably would have written some very interesting poetry, but I elected instead, to simply listen to poetry.

I had people read me poetry.

I sound like an eccentric old lady, don’t I?

But this is about YOU, not ME!

If something comes up and you don’t make it to your keyboard or you have a dashboard malfunction, take a deep breath and walk away and know everything will be just fine.

To prove it, I am not posting my almost done Day 4 poem just to show you it is safe!

I’ve had something of a day.

I could post the poem now, but I want to prove to y’all that the sky won’t cave in if I don’t.

Ready for the Prompt?  Practice being your inner eccentric. Remember all those ways people find you quirky or charming or just a crazy fool? Breathe all of that in: feather boas, silly glasses, bubble blowing, costume wearing goodness and write it out.

Embracing your eccentricity will be, perhaps the best thing for you.

Perhaps you are NOT eccentric. In that case, write a poem starring your favorite eccentric.

Word Prompt – Eccentric

Sentence Starter Prompt: “So, you think (I’m, She’s, We’re, They, You, Etc chose) are crazy? Well…..

Or write on your own topic. Just write. Unless you’re sick. Or rebellious. Or need a day off from trying to be perfect. Instead, be perfectly… just right as you are.

I’m not even going to post a video or any links, just to show you how right imperfection may be! (and without noticing it, I didn't even post a linky until this morning. Its been a challenging week in more ways than one! The linky is there now... so add your creations!)

Thank you for sharing and recommending to others before you leave.


  1. am I too early today ??

    My link :

    1. The linky is working now. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I added your link, Nimue. I was racing around and completely forgot it, which perfectly fit the whole mood of the prompt, didn't it?

    3. that I agree :D
      And I too wrote the poem for yesterday with great thought but forgot to post .. so thank you for telling me its ok :D

      I might need that lot ;)

  2. Thanks Viv, the linky is working now. You can now place your link to your poetry post into it.

  3. I was doing a hither and thither thing yesterday. The linky is up now & I added your link. YAY!

  4. I was late in getting this poem done so it isn't in the linky. You can find my poem here