Saturday, October 6, 2012

OctPoWriMo Day 6 - I Remember Me

As you continue to write poetry day by day, you may discover some resistance to going deeper still. You may feel a wall erect in front of you and think you are just blocked. Most likely fear is rearing its head.

At a time like this the best thing you can do is write through it. Allow yourself to write whatever is coming up for you and know that what you are writing you don't have to post. You don't have to but after you are done, read it again, and maybe there will be something within it that you want to share. The important part is to give yourself permission to just write all the thoughts that are swirling in your head even if you never do share it with another living soul.

Me before the world told me I couldn't be me.
This poetry journey is for you. It is to help inspire you to get your words down onto the page and to help you remember who you are at your core; all parts of you.

Poetry Prompt: Go back to when you were eight years old. Write down all of the dreams and aspirations of that little girl or little boy. Now pick one and write what it would feel like to be living that dream authentically.  Really use as many sensory words as you can.

Word Prompt: Remember 

Sentence Starter: I remember me... 


When I remember I feel...

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I hope you are being kind to yourself on this poetry voyage. Always remember, I.Believe.In.You!

Peace to you,
Morgan Dragonwillow

P.S. If you have found a great poetry website share it in the comments below. 

Thank you for sharing and recommending to others before you leave.


  1. Even though the linky is now closed for this prompt, we would love to read your poem that was inspired from it. You can put your link in the comments if you have now written for this prompt and want to share it with us.

  2. I am terribly behind on my writing and posting...
    this summer and fall I have been working long stretches of days...split shifts as a nurse...private duty....and age has caught up with me. I seem to need a lot more sleep than I used to when I was younger (I am 68)

    I do love the prompts for each day and plan to get caught up...