Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poetry Prompt Day 25 - Love Story

Unless I am mistaken we haven't discussed one of the main topics of many poets, Love. Every great poet has a love story. Rumi is considered to be one of the great love poets. Many of his works were words of love to his one great love.

Love is a madman, working his wild schemes, tearing off his clothes, running through the mountains.... ~Rumi

Poetry Prompt: What is your love story? It could be your first love, your parents love story, the love between you and your mate/life partner/husband/wife. Tell us of a great love in your life, maybe it is of another in your life, a child, a parent, grandparent. If you don't have a great love tell us of the love story in your future.

Word Prompt: Love

Sentence Starters:

It was an ordinary day...

I opened the door and bumped into...

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  1. There are differing opinions on Rumi and Shams. Were they simply soul friends, were they lovers, were they student/teacher/student?

    I have had a friend on this caliber and we were deep soul friends, never lovers and it has been among the most intense and confusing relationships of my life. Perhaps it is because in our world it is nearly impossible to get free from our puritan heritage that people can not possibly be intense and passionate without being sexual. Anyway - I am procrastinating about actually writing my poem!!