Friday, October 18, 2013

Poetry Prompt Day 18: And the Poetry Runs Through It

I used to strongly believe in writer’s block. 

I don’t believe in writers block so much anymore. I believe there are times when the words are tougher to come by and there are times when language isn’t flowing and there is time when any word combinations that show themselves on the page are too clumsy or just plain old bad writing that I throw my hands in the air in disgust. Usually I go for a walk or watch Project Runway on my DVR. Sometimes I even wash dishes or declutter.

Now, however, it’s different.

I’ve discovered the key, the secret, the be-all-end-all to all my writing troubles.

It is simply this: I discovered the joy of writing really badly.

It is waving the white flag to the muses and they respond, immediately, by pouring the most funky words possible from my hands to the page.

Sometimes, they stay funky and silly – which is good.

Sometimes, they turn the corner and I discover I really am quite a decent writer.

Here is your task, as strange as it may seem.

Today, write a really bad poem.

Yes, I said write a really bad poem.

Naturally we all have different definitions of really bad poetry. I may, for example, write a bawdy limerick simply because to me, a limerick is normally…. really horrific poetry.

For you, it could be writing a poem almost entirely of adjectives and adverbs or concepts that are not definable. It could be too sing songy or just going nowhere except… usually into the trash can.
Just give it your best worst.

Have some fun.

My only request is this: give it your best shot to be terrible. If you keep the right attitude, I will be surprised if you don’t surprise yourself.


"The old writer’s rule applies: Have the courage to write badly.”

Joshua Wolf Shenk

"Push away the sense of shame from writing badly, and just get the words out. "

Mona Simpson

Word Prompt:  Lousy

Sentence Prompt: I thought I would write a lousy poem, so here.....

I look forward to read your horrible, worst, most ridiculous poems EVER!

Have a great weekend!

-- Julie Jordan Scott


  1. looks like the code for the link up didn't work...

  2. Here's mine: I was in a tearing hurry, so it really IS bad poetry!

    this my lousy poem.

  4. For lack of a linky....

  5. Today I have written yesterday's and today's poems in one post, since I did not write it yesterday.
    And today's, well, I guess writing Lame was fun! comes from within :D

  6. Here I go :)


  8. Here's mine!

  9. I cheated. I let a judge for the VILE Awards write mine.

  10. Wish I read this before my poem today...can write plenty of bad ones and keep my theme going.

    Link does work now as I added mine, but will also add here.