Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Poetry Prompt 3 - Connecting In

When I think of writing poetry and the times that I have been most prolific, it has been when I have felt most connected. There is something that happens when you allow yourself to go within that connects to the Divine Spark within you; a feeling of everything being right in the world no matter what the words you're putting onto the page.

It is in these times as I write I feel something else is guiding my hand, my thoughts, my words. Sometimes it doesn't take much to get there, other times if feels illusive.

Charles Wright talks about what he does, his process that has made him a prolific poet, and how it is his reason for living.

And here Charles Wright reads from Scar Tissue.

Poetry Prompt: Quickly write down how and what you have done in the past that has helped you feel most connected to your inner self, the Divine, the Universe, and how you came to be in that state. Choose one to do to bring you to that connected feeling and then free write for ten minutes. 

Word Prompt:  Connected

Sentence Starter:  I feel connected when...


When I am connected in, my body feels...

You can choose to use one or all of these or none of these prompts. It is up to you. Remember to come back to this post and Link up, Tweet, and Facebook your poetry and then visit your neighbors to encourage them on this poetic journey.

I am very much enjoying your poems and I look forward to reading what you create today.

Always remember - I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Thank you for sharing and recommending to others before you leave.


  1. This felt so discombobulating. It feels like I went so far into connection, I disconnected!

    1. Sounds like an opportunity for you to explore your feelings through your writing. I would love to read a poem like that from you.

  2. your prompt saved me today, thank you!

    1. You have me curious but I am glad it helped you. Peace to you.